What if your FB page or WhatsApp group magically turns into a direct to customer channel?


You would probably
  • Drive sales
  • Get to know your customers better
  • Test Products and Create surveys
That is exactly what PerfectPi helps you do.

(It’s Free)

See how

Don’t be happy with just likes and shares
Get rewarded with enduring relationships and customer data


Social is low engagement. Your customers tune out impersonal mass SMSes & emails. Create a personal and contextual experience for your customers with

  • Auto responders
  • Interactive surveys and fun games
  • Personalized content
  • Instant on demand purchases

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More people are on text messengers than social media
A social media strategy is not enough


Today, more people are active on text messengers like FB and WhatApp than on social channels like Twitter and Instagram. Your marketing and loyalty teams need to seize this opportunity.
Data driven is good
Customer centric is great


We will make text messaging your most intimate channel. From understanding the ever changing customer trends to predicting demand, our dashboards will make you customer centric like never before.
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